North Korea announces it will stop all nuclear tests and missile launches ahead of Trump talks

North Korea has said it will halt conducting missiles and nuclear tests, fulfilling a pledge made by leader Kim Jong-un ahead of a meeting with Donald Trump.

The promised cessation, reported North Korean state media, represented another apparent concession as the country manoeuvres ahead of the landmark summit. South Korea’s president earlier this week said Mr Kim had embraced denuclearising without demanding the withdrawal of US troops from the Korean Peninsula.

In proposing the talks and moving to suspend his nation’s displays of military prowess, Mr Kim pivoted sharply from his more aggressive stance in the preceding months.

Pyongyang tested multiple intercontinental missiles, hurling two of them over Japan and offering evidence of its professed ability to strike the US mainland.

The country also tested a powerful nuclear weapons that experts believe was almost certainly a hydrogen bomb.

After those displays prodded the United Nations to impose layers of suffocating sanctions – and led Mr Trump to repeatedly threaten the use of military force – Pyongyang used the Winter Olympics in South Korea to abruptly shift tacks.

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