Media Company ‘NowThis’ gets Hacked – Hackers declare they have also compromised NASA’s system.

NowThis News is a website and media company which primarily distributes video news content to mobile devices and social platforms.

NowThis focuses on bringing their followers “the latest in what’s happening right now across the globe, in politics, entertainment, future tech and science, women empowerment, and more”. They especially focus on hard hitting and controversial topics like immigration, climate change, women’s reproductive rights, climate change, social justice, and so much more.

The companies Twitter Page was hacked Friday morning by an anonymous user who identifies as “Kuroi’SH”


In old tweets from the hacker, he states that he was responsible for hacking many other organizations in the past, including NASA.

He also said that he was recently released from jail, on March 25th.

Little is known about the hacker, although what we do know is that the tweets are being produced by a bot, which floods thousands of tweets to the page each minute.

This hacker group has hacked NASA in the past, and caused huge security issues. They claim that they have once again compromised their systems, along with uploading a picture to prove it.



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