Shane Dawson falsely accused for Pedophelia in Slanderous Video.

Popular YouTube personality, Shane Dawson came under fire after a video appeared on Youtube, depicting Shane as a pedophile for making inappropriate jokes on a podcast from 2013. The allegations in the video by Popblast appear to be fake, as it contains many manipulated edits of out of context jokes made several years ago.

Shane Dawson has denied these allegations in a recent video, and close sources tell us that lawyers are investigating the matter in hopes of pressing charges on Popblast for making false and damaging statements.

“I want to apologize first,” says Dawson, 29, whose real name is Shane Yaw. “I am sorry that I used to make really shitty fucking jokes… Back in the day… I loved the feeling of making somebody shocked and laugh because they couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth.”

This drama comes shortly after Logan Pauls controversial video was removed from Youtube for breaking multiple guidelines after vlogging his experience in “The Suicide Forest” where him and his friends came across a dead body.

Pop Blast, a channel which had just under 700,000 subscribers before it was taken down, gained notoriety among YouTube circles in recent months. In the past year, Pop Blast secured millions of views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers by reporting on other YouTube celebrities and creating fake conspiracy theories to garner attention.

Sources show that many of these views are generated by bots, the content appears targeted at a younger audience who watch other YouTube influencers and stars.

Screenshots were posted on the Official ‘Popblast’ Youtube channel claiming that Logan Pauls manager, Jeffrey Oscar Levin paid $6,500 USD to create a 4-7 minute video, to label him as a pedophile to distract the general public.

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Shane Dawson, who says he was molested as a child himself, decries the editing of the accusatory video because he says it’s out of context.  “I am sorry that these [offensive jokes] are making people uncomfortable, but also it’s very out of context,” he said. “When you listen to the full thing, it’s still s—– and creepy and bad jokes, but it’s not me being a pedophile… I’m proud that I’ve grown up. I’m proud that I don’t make crazy jokes anymore.”

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