Record-Breaking Cold Snap Grips North America Causing Niagara Falls To Freeze Over

Most of Canada and North America has entered a cold snap so severe that records are being smashed for the coldest temperatures ever recorded!

In fact, last week Montreal was actually colder than the North Pole, with a recorded temperature of – 23 degrees Celsius.

That’s actually colder than Mars! And with the temperatures only set to get worse, strange things are happening. On Friday, temperatures in the northeastern part of the United States hit – 37, while parts of Canada were even colder.

Sharks are actually dying because it’s so cold. On Saturday, two sharks washed up on the shores of Cape Cod Bay, and according to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, they were likely “stranded on the shore due to cold shock” and died.

Image result for frozen shark

“These sharks were most likely moving to the south with the warmer water and got caught in the hook of Cape Cod,” the conservancy said.

But sharks freezing to death is not even the most shocking thing to have happened!

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