Jealous Dog Reacts To Grandma Picking Up Baby Granddaughter, And You Won’t Stop Laughing

Dogs have gone way beyond being hunting and herding companions. They are now a part of our extended family unit and we cannot imagine a day without having them by our side.

Every dog owner knows that dogs are just babies in non-human form. And they love being treated like babies as much as we treat them as one!


We bathe them, feed them, and make cooing baby sounds to communicate with them. Just like we do with actual babies.


That is why when a new (real) baby arrives in the house, it messes up their perception of their place in your life. And this leads to some pretty interesting actions so he can restore that old structure back.


So when this grandma tries to pick up her granddaughter, this pooch makes sure to remind her that he is still the baby in the house. And that any other baby in any shape or form does not exist. So therefore he deserves all the hugs.

We have a feeling this rivalry won’t last long, though!


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