IKEA Just Fixed The Biggest Problem With IKEA Furniture

IKEA has always had the reputation of creating stylish furniture, that was generally difficult to put together.

After several years of brainstorming and creating, they may have finally solved the problem, and now they’re introducing furniture that’s stronger and simpler than ever before.

IKEA is producing new furniture that uses the wedge dowel, a unique innovation that makes assembly a breeze

The ribbed dowel simply slides and locks into a slot, allowing furniture to be ‘snapped’ together

The Lisabo table, a classy birch number, is the latest IKEA marvel of wedge dowel technology

Its assembly requires absolutely zero screws and tools, which saves money and resources for manufacturers

It also saves a lot of hassle for IKEA customers, who have long decried the difficult assembly of IKEA products

IKEA first put the wedge dowel on trial in 2014 with their Stockholm cabinet set, and the response was highly positive

The Lisabo table ‘snaps’ together in minutes, a record compared to the hours some IKEA pieces require

It also comes apart just as easily, so it can be moved and set up again without issue

Sturdy, economical, and simple, wedge dowel technology will adapt furniture to modern, fast-paced lifestyles

Small metal plates can be screwed in for optional extra security, but the table stands strong without them

Watch the exciting development of the wedge dowel project here:

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