9 Reasons Why People Who Are Always Late Make Great Friends

We all have that friend who always shows up to hang outs late. Before you get angry and tell them off for being so careless, you should consider that a new study shows: People who are late are more optimistic, creative, and happy.

#1. They cheer you on.


Tardy people are positive people. They’re late because they always think they’re going to make it on time. This positivity means that they’re the ones who will be cheering you on in life.

#2. They aren’t judgemental.


People who are chronically late don’t place judgement on others — because they’re easy going. This means they’re not wired to focus on what you’re doing ‘wrong’.

#3. They are really relaxed.


Your friend who runs late all the time is relaxed about almost everything in life (including the time), in turn making you feel more relaxed when you’re with them.

#4. They are positive.


Your friend is always running late because they have a positive outlook on how much time they have. This positivity runs through other aspects of their life, too. They are constantly spreading hope and joy, making you feel good whenever you’re near them.

#5. They are winners in life.


Tardy people are positive by nature — an important aspect of enhanced creativity and the ability to succeed.

#6. You get to be late sometimes.


You know that your friend won’t mind if you’re late from time to time. They understand that life gets in the way and unforeseen things can happen.

#7. They aim big.


Your “always late” friend doesn’t sweat the small stuff. They focus their energy on the big picture in life and embrace it. They are rarely the kind of person to complain and worry about life’s details.

#8. They teach you to live in the moment.


A life well lived is one where you can appreciate moments as they’re happening. Your friend who is constantly late lives in the moment and literally forgets about the future. They’re too busy enjoying the here and now! This attitude is bound to rub off on you.

#9. They make you question your beliefs.


Is it actually important to be on time? You get to a party and get bored before it begins. You rush around to meet a commitment only to have someone else show up late. Your tardy friend doesn’t worry about making it to anything on time. When they do show up, they’re fashionably late and ready to have fun.

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