This Baby Boy Was Born With An Adorable Heart-Shaped Birthmark On His Forehead

This adorable baby is Çinar Engin, from Turkey. He’s just 14 months old, but he’s already something of a celebrity thanks to the heart-shaped birthmark on his forehead.


Describing the first time he saw the birthmark, Çinar’s dad said: “After a nurse cleaned the blood on his head, I was the first to see the birthmark.”

“I was really surprised. When I came close to his head, I realized it was a little heart. It was difficult for me to hold back my tears.”


Çinar has since been nicknamed the “love baby”, and dad Murat said nurses rushed to take selfies with the newborn — and he’s still attracting attention today.

“When we walk around, all people smile at us and love him,” said Murat.


This little cutie must have Cupid’s blessing!

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