Looks like a typical roadside barrier, but it’s an invention that will save countless lives

Thousands of people die each year from car accidents, a South Korean company, Eti Co LTD, wants to change that by introducing a barrier that can prevent cars from smashing into the railings along the road.

The railings will now act as a shock-absorbed, when a car hits it, lots of the impact will be reduced. These yellow barrels are simple, and strong, they are made with sturdy steel and plastic barrels.

The steel rubes are placed on the ground as usual, and hundreds of small yellow barrels are placed in the center.


The yellow barrels act as shock barrier, taking the majority of the impact force and causing less damage to the vehicle.

This invention is being looked at by federal governments across the world, as the death toll rises for car accidents. Canada is interested in using this invention along its busy highways, especially because in the winter it is very slippery thus creating lots of accidents.

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