New Study Suggests Men Need To Get Drunk With Their Friends Twice A Week To Stay Healthy

Men who want to be healthier now no longer need to do something as boring as hitting the gym and eating better.

Here is some good news for all of those people who love spending their nights in the bars: recent scientific studies have now proven that men need to go out and get “drunk” at least twice a week to stay healthy.


The study was conducted by Robin Dunbar, a psychologist and director of Oxford University’s social and evolutionary neuroscience research group. After his research he determined that when men physically meet with four friends, two times a week, in order to reap the benefits of male friendship.

A strong friendship can provide a stronger immune system, the release of endorphin’s, an overall decrease in anxiety levels, and (apparently) even higher levels of generosity.

Drinking a few glasses is healthy, although some people drink more than recommend. Alcohol tolerance can lead to someone drinking lots of alcohol and think nothing is wrong as long as they don’t feel drunk. To much alcohol consumption can obviously be detrimental to your health.

According to the same study, one in three men in the United Kingdom can’t find the time to meet with friends once a week, and 40% of men are only able to make a “guys’ night” a weekly affair.


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