David Spade Hospitalized after Horrific Car Accident in Los Angeles

It wasn’t really a good start of 2017 for actor David Spade after he was involved in a scary car accident on January 4th.

The 52-year-old actor was driving near Sunset Blvd. and Beverly Drive when his Range Rover was hit by another car.

He was driving to a dinner , and reports say that no drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash.

As he was taking a turn at a busy intersection outside his hotel, someone appeared to speed up to beat the yellow light.

This isn’t the first bad news for David, just three days ago he posted a photo on Instagram of a parking ticket he received.

Bad luck: The comedian hasn't had good luck in 2017 so far.  Just three days ago, he posted a photo of a parking ticket he got

David Spade received minimal injuries from the incident and is getting medical treatment at his home.

“He seemed OK,” the onlooker shared with the site. “He just looked scared and shaken up.”

Here are some pictures of the car crash


He appears to be recovering well, but his Range Rover took quite the beating.

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