Police release images of suspect in Istanbul nightclub shooting

Turkish police have released grainy images of the suspect behind a deadly attack on a nightclub in Istanbul as the manhunt for the killer continues.

A screen grab from footage broadcasted by the Turkish media outlet Haberturk on January 2, 2016 claiming to show the attacker from a deadly night club attack in Istanbul, Turkey.

The man who shot up a night club on New Years Eve in Istanbul has been on the run since, police have arrested 8 people but are narrowing in on the suspect after images were retrieved.

The selfie video allegedly shows the suspect, filming himself around Istanbul’s Taksim square. Authorities do not know when or why the footage was recorded.

Among the people killed, an Israeli woman, three Indians, three Lebanese, a woman with dual French-Tunisian citizenship and her Tunisian husband, two Jordanians, a Belgian national, a Kuwaiti citizen and a Canadian.

Many terror attacks have occurred in Istanbul the past year, it is unfortunate but officials are trying their best to protect the safety of the civilians.

Handout pictures released by the Turkish police on January 2, 2017 showing the main suspect in the Reina nightclub massacre.

The Takfiri Daesh terrorist group claimed responsibility for the rampage, which occurred in the early hours of Sunday when a gunman, wearing a Santa Claus costume, entered the Reina nightclub at the popular Besiktas area in Istanbul and rained down a hail of bullets on New Year revelers, killing 39, mostly foreign tourists, and wounding 69 others.

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