Has Iraq Actually Benefited From Saddam Hussein’s Execution?

The world changed the day Saddam Hussein was executed. The former Iraqi dictator who spent his last years in captivity after his ruthless regime was toppled by the U.S.-led coalition in 2003.

Hussain was labeled one of the most ruthless dictators in the world, he waged a war with Iran shortly after being in power, costing millions of lives. In 1990 he invaded Kuwait that led to several sanctions being placed on Iraq.

“These factors made Iraqi citizens go hungry for the first time in history, forcing them to seek aid from others. Thousands of Iraqis left Iraq to secure their living at the time,” says Muayaed Al-Lami, president of the Iraqi Journalists Union.

Writing about his experiences in Iraq on Quora, Guerassev wrote:

I spent half of my life before in the Soviet Union, so I have a good benchmark, a reference point to judge any totalitarian regime. In the USSR, there was no freedom of religion whatsoever (at least not if you wanted to be an active citizen), no free travel abroad whatsoever, no room for any private initiative, persistent scarcity of consumer goods and mediocre (albeit free) healthcare and education.

In contrast, in Iraq as I saw it there was freedom of religion along with a firm policy of secularism. Among my staff in Baghdad, there was a retired Army major (retired because Saddam drastically reduced Army after the first war) who was a Kurd (which sounds as a surprise to most of my American friends who believe that under Saddam a Kurd would have been shot dead on sight), two Coptic Christians, an Armenian (Christian, naturally) along with Arab Iraqis.

There were plenty of consumer goods in shops, restaurants were doing a brisk trade, alcohol was available for those who wanted to buy it, many different types of music could be heard, a burka-covered or veiled lady was a rare sight in Baghdad, and gas was available plentifully and cost nothing. All utilities worked mostly normally after the post-war reconstruction.

Years after Hussain was killed many terrorist organizations have settled in Iraq and surrounding countries, resulting in mass casualties and terror attacks

Graphic Video – Do not watch if squeamish.

American troops have since been removed from Iraqi cities in late 2011 but restoring law and order in a country where Saddam Hussein’s overthrow seems to have brought a whole new wave of suffering.

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