Lost 11-year-old turns to Google for help getting out of woods

11 Year Old, Josh Hopkins was wandering in the woods near his home in Shelburne, N.S with a pocketknife, phone, and a gift he got for Christmas, a new BB Gun.

After an hour of hiking in the woods, he realized that he was lost.

“I started to panic,” he said. “I sat down for a minute, calmed down and I moved into this big clearing and sent my mom my coordinates.”

Searching for her son

He had just two per cent battery power left on his phone when he Googled his GPS coordinates and sent them in a text message to his mother, Kathleen Hopkins.

When Kathleen received the text she had no idea what the jumble of numbers meant.

“I put them in Google and it gave me a pin of where he was roughly,” she said.

Neighbors and friends searched the area of the coordinates to find her son, the RCMP was later called and did a ground search.

“We hollered for him, there were neighbors out with dogs, friends out with dogs, but it’s so muffled. There are brooks that run through there. It was just echoing off,” said the boy’s mother.

‘Didn’t know if I was going to see him again’

With his last ounce of battery power, Josh texted his father a special message: “I love you.”

“If I was to stay out there overnight, well, I needed to at least say something nice just so they would know I was thinking of them,” said Josh.

Kathy Hopkins

After 6 hours of searching, they found the kid in the dark. Josh was hungry and cold, but he made a shelter and ate some spruce buds he found.

Lets hope next time he’ll take a friend and a fully charged phone.

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