Berlin Christmas market: 14 dead, at least 50 injured in truck crash

Nine people have been with at least fifty more seriously injured as a truck drove into a busy Christmas market in Berlin. The driver of the truck has already been arrested in relation of the incident, and although the motive is unclear at this moment in time, police are not ruling out a suspected terror attack.


The truck careened through the Breitscheidplatz market, which is close to the Kaiser Wilhelm memorial church. Police are advising citizens of Berlin to stay in their homes as investigations continue.

Mike Fox, an eyewitness hailing from Birmingham who narrowly avoided getting hit, says the truck was driving into the crowd deliberately, while deputy editor of the Berliner Morgenpost was also on the scene.

I heard a big noise and then I moved on the Christmas market and saw much chaos… many injured people. It was really traumatic.

The incident happened in Breitscheidplatz in the western part of central Berlin.

Rushton, who was in the market when the truck came through, told CNN that the truck didn’t slow down.

Police stand beside the damaged truck.

“We saw at least 10 people” injured and lying on the ground, she said.
Rushton said the truck was traveling about 40 mph through a crowded pedestrian area that had no roads.
“There’s no way it was an accident,” Rushton told CNN.
Police guard a Christmas market after a truck ran into the crowded sidewalk in Berlin on Monday evening.

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