Man Leaves One Last Heartbreaking Facebook Post Before Being Found Dead

On Facebook, Kieran posted details on how he had recently split from his girlfriend that he was dating for two years, he mentioned how it was not her fault.


His former lover’s name has been redacted here, but this is a tale of not only heartbreak and longing, but of regret, loss and acceptance. Although Kieran does acknowledge that his emotional wounds will heal over time, he also professes that he can’t quite wait that long, and that the pain of losing her was too much to bear.


Kieran also outlined how he’d like things to proceed once he’d gone, leaving most of his earthly possessions to his ex-girlfriend.

Finally, he rounded off his final post with a beautiful thought that breaks our hearts. We’ll try and live by these final words:

Let’s play hide and seek but never stop looking for true happiness.”

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