Samsung to disable Galaxy Note 7 devices on Dec. 19

Samsung is determined to get U.S. Customers to turn of their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices to avoid the phone from exploding.

On Friday, Samsung confirmed that it plans to release the final update for the device on December 19, rendering the Note 7 devices useless. The update will prevent the phones from charging and will “eliminate their ability to work as mobile devices.”

Samsung says that 93 percent of the Note 7 devices have been turned off when they were officially recalled three months ago after several reports of the phones bursting into flames.

The issue was determined to be the battery, that was malfunctioning in some devices.

Samsung said in the statement Friday, “Together with our carrier partners, we will be notifying consumers through multiple touchpoints to encourage any remaining Galaxy Note7 owners to participate in the program and to take advantage of the financial incentives available.”

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Exploded Note 7 due to faulty battery

The device will not be usable once the Note 7 software update, this means that you’d better get a replacement device soon.

Owners can return the device for a refund or replacement, but it seems some people are determined never to give it back –despite its serious flaws.

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